The Moscow photography experience is organized in a simple way: there are the moments of face-to-face portfolio reviews with Davide Monteleone as well as group discussions. Monteleone will help students identify the good idea for a personal essay, develop their own photographic style, illustrating the entire process of creating a strong photography project.

Among many aspects of photography that we’ll consider during the workshop there are:

>> Storytelling with Photographs: from concept to a photo essay how to identify a good idea, interesting to editors how to do a research before to start a project, why contact other professional figures like journalists, which are the differences between the commissioned and personal work and many others
>> Photography as Profession: practical tips from portfolio to an agency, gallery, media; contemporary photography market; how to create a good a personal portfolio; presenting yourself to a photo editor / curator / photo agency ect.

The Rodchenko Moscow Art School will host our workshop during the week in January and will give us an opportunity to meet the students and professors of the school and to exchange our experience and ideas on photography. The School wearing the name of a famous russian photographer Alexander Rodchenko is part of Moscow Multimedia Art Museum and offers the unique educational program formed on the base of international experience (ICP New York, École National d’Arles, Rijksakademie (Holland), Academy of fine arts Vienna.

During the stay we will arrange a meeting with the Russian photoeditors and curators to exchange ideas, discuss the work and, why not, make plans for future projects.

© for the photographs Davide Monteleone