This is a final multimedia presenting the photography projects produced by the participants of the Moscow Photo Workshop with Davide Monteleone. View the video >> Moscow Photo Workshop with Davide Monteleone 2013 – 11 documentary projects by students from Photography Workshop on Vimeo.

Final editing and public multimedia presentation

After long hours of final editing Photography Workshop in Moscow with Davide Monteleone has finished with a lecture on contemporary photography market and the documentary photographer profession: practical aspects of working in an agency, a gallery or media. The same night the participants’ projects have been presented to the vast audience of Russian photographers, students and professors at the Rodchenko Art School. View more pictures from presentation >>

Editing current projects

The students have very interesting ideas for the week long projects, but developing them is a challenge!  Editing, first impressions, critique and advices. View more pictures from editing >>

Photography Project Planning

Project Planning is a key for a successful photography story. Finished to define the ideas for the week long workshop, students learn how to plan a photography work watching the examples of the projects done by acclaimed photographers – from documentary to conceptual – and discussing various strategies with Monteleone. View more pictures from project planning >>

Workshop – Portfolio review

The students present themselves, their personal projects and the ideas for a week long work. We are very pleasantly surprised by a good level of portfolios and the variety of approaches: from documentary to conceptual, from photojournalism to portraiture, from intimist to global. The ideas for the next week are various too. Moscow offers a lot of inspiration but it is not easy to find one’s way “photographically” here.  Good luck, guys! View more pictures from portfolio review >>

Moscow Photo Workshop with Davide Monteleone starts today!

Moscow Photo Workshop with Davide Monteleone starts today! The program for today 7 hour lecture in Rodchenko School is very challenging: Davide presents his latest documentary projects illustrating the entire process of creating a strong photography project: from identifying the good idea for a personal essay to developing one’s own photographic style. In particular:

  • how to identify a good idea, interesting to editors
  • how to do a research before to start a project
  • why contact other professional figures like journalists
  • what are the differences between the commissioned and personal work

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