Yart Photography is happy to present a new edition of the workshop in Advanced Multimedia Storytelling with the danish collective Bombay Flying Club to be held in Bologna from December 12 to December 14 2014. The workshop will be part of FRUIT, art book fair. FRUIT is a annual event that is held at the prestigious ‘Re Enzo’ Palace in Bologna and brings together editorial initiatives and contemporary graphic design through exhibitions, workshops, seminars and market. The intensive practice-oriented 3-day workshop is designed for those who want to better understand new digital market practices and are willing to work effectively with the Multimedia format to tell their stories!

Bombay Flying Club

founders are professional prize winning photojournalists and visual storytellers, jury members of World Press Photo Multimedia Competition and Lumix Multimedia Award, teaching at Danish School Of Media and Journalism, Akademie für Publizistik in Hamburg, the Fachhochschule Bielefeld, the University for the Arts in Bremen and more. During the past years they successfully held more than 50 workshops in Denmark, Germany, Swiss and Italy.

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Recent technological innovations have introduced enormous challenges in the field of visual communications. Journalism and the editorial market are undergoing a deep and radical transformation thanks to the constant growth of the Internet and the spread of portable devices. Photographers are keen to embrace new and compelling ways to portray their subjects and approach their audiences through a whole new spectrum of video channels, websites and apps specifically designed for mobile devices. This unique workshop in Advanced Multimedia Storytelling aims to open new paths for the participants that want to experiment and understand the new multimedia channels in order to innovate and pursue the values that belong to photojournalism, journalism and editorial market.

“We try to teach our students a new way of storytelling. We want them to think differently when it comes to tell stories. This implies mainly that they need to learn a new way of shooting, but also that they need a new way to approach the subject. Our goal is that every student has a story in his hands at the end of the workshop that can show how much he or she learned – and that everyone has reached a new stage.” - Henrik Kastenskov, Bombay Flying Club

This full immersion 3-day training will be a rare and most useful experience. The workshop aims to provide the necessary knowledge and tools for the students to produce their own strong journalistic story by combining together video, audio and photography. All educational material used during the workshop will be made available to participants. Training will be provided both to photographers that aim to shoot and produce their short portrait story in a very limited time and to those that already have gathered enough material for their stories and need guidance for their storyboarding and editing. Take a look at the past edition workshop diary (Rome, June 2014) Advanced Multimedia Storytelling workshop diary with Bombay Flying Club, Rome 2014 from Photography Workshop on Vimeo. More from the workshop diary here >> Program December 12-14, 2014:

Friday, Dec 12th

10:30 Hello and welcome. Who are you and who am I

11:00 Why multimedia? A little history and some examples

12:30 Lunch

13:30 The narrative plot. Working with character driven storytelling

14:00 How to approach audio, photography&video for multimedia – Practical tips on how to shoot video keeping the editing in mind.

15:30 Production planning, storyboarding and workflow

16:30 The teams present their story ideas and plan – students will be divided into groups according to their needs.

(Group 1: Students who have an ambition to shoot and produce a short portrait story in very limited time – photographers with no or limited experience in Multimedia. Group 2: Students who have material and are ready to storyboard and edit)

Saturday, Dec 13th

09:00-17:30 Teams are free to produce

Group 1: Shooting and producing, storyboarding, editing. Group 2: Individual coaching on story ideas, review of past material, storyboarding.

Sunday, Dec 14th

09:00 Storyboarding and editing

15:00 Deadline

15:30 Presenting the stories, immediate feedback and discussion

17:00 Brief discussion on market opportunities for Multimedia stories.

18:00 Goodbye party

A note from your instructor: “Expect long hours, massive pressure… and hopefully a hell of a lot of fun!” – Bombay Flying Club

The workshop will be held in English. The Italian translation will be provided. You’ll need to have a digital camera that can record video, a microphone and a laptop with video editing program (Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere) with you. We advise the students that want to shoot and produce their story during the 3-day workshop to start researching and contacting their characters prior to the start of the workshop, so that they can effectively shoot without any problem despite the limited amount of time available.

Bombay Flying Club (BFC) started out as a creative collaboration between a handful of Danish (photo)journalism students in Mumbai, India, back in 2005. Seeing the potential for journalists and photographers alike by going online, BFC ventured out early to plot this landscape for a new kind of visual journalism. Always with a vested interest in the human condition, the photographers of BFC, Henrik Kastenskov, Poul Madsen and Uwe H. Martin, have produced stories from the entire globe as they keep experimenting with the visual and narrative language of the web. As a result, the team has taught numerous workshops all over the world in the art of online storytelling based on their first hand experience. Today, BFC is an award winning and internationally renowned multimedia agency catering to a large variety of NGO’s, media and journalistic institutions worldwide.

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Poul Madsen

is the founder of Bombay Flying Club. During an internship at The Indian Express in Mumbai, India in 2005, a film documentary grant initially kickstarted Madsen’s interest in advanced visual storytelling. Since then, his main focus has been to produce bigger international multimedia projects with a humanitarian, social or environmental approach. His projects and stories have taken him to countries like Ethiopia, India, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, The Maldives and the Democratic Republic of The Congo to document journalistic stories for a variety of international NGOs and media. Madsen has received numerous recognitions and awards over the years for his work in short film festivals and in competitions like POYi, Best of Photojournalism, Anthropographia Awards, China International Press Photo Contest and Freedom To Create Prize. Today, he primarily works as a freelance photojournalist and teaches advanced international storytelling workshops all over the world. Madsen holds a BA in photojournalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism where he also is a regular contributor as a part time ass. professor in multimedia. Poul Madsen was a jury member of the 2012 World Press Photo Multimedia Competition

Henrik Kastenskov

had his first experience with “Flash journalism” back in 2004 while interning at Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, the biggest daily newspaper in Denmark, wetting his appetite for online journalism for real. After a stint as staff photographer Kastenskov teamed up with Poul and Bombay Flying Club in 2008 focusing on experimenting with the visual and narrative language of the web. As a result he has taught numerous workshops and masterclasses in the art of online storytelling all over the world as well as producing own projects and stories. Afghanistan, Kosovo, Malawi, The Maldives, Northern Ireland and the greater part of Latin America has been in focus for his stories. He has been awarded several times in the Danish POY, POYi and Best of Photojournalism, both as photographer and producer. Today, Kastenskov’s focus remains on the development of an engaging narrative language for the inherently impatient online audience. Kastenskov holds a master in commercial photography from Media College Denmark and a BA in photojournalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism – a school where he frequently appear as associate professor in multimedia and as appointed auditor of final exams apart from the daily work as a freelance photojournalist. In 2010 he joined the German non-profit multimedia Spill The Beans as member of the board. Kastenskov has worked as member of the jury in both the Swedish-, Danish- and Norwegian POY

Uwe H. Martin

is a visual storyteller mainly working on long-term, in-depth, documentary photographic projects around the world. He documented the daily life in Bangladesh and the struggle of people suffering Narcolepsy. Currently Uwe is working on a set of multimedia documentaries about the global commons water, seed and land: White Gold investigates the social and environmental effects of global cotton production, while his new visual research project LandRush analyzes the impact of large-scale agro investments on rural economies and land-rights, the boom of renewable fuels, the reallocation of land and the future of agriculture around the world. Both series are part of the collaborative art and research project World of Matter. In 2010 Uwe founded Aggreys Dream, a project supporting a school in a slum in Mombasa, Kenya, which became the blueprint for the establishing of the Freelens Foundation. Over the years he has received numerous recognitions and awards for his work including the German Reporter Award in 2011 and the Development Media Award 2013. Uwe studied photojournalism in Hanover, Germany and with the support of a Fulbright grant at the Missouri School of Journalism. He also served on the jury of the Lumix Multimedia Award. Besides his photographic practice Uwe is teaching photography and multimedia storytelling at the Henri-Nannen-Schule, the Akademie für Publizistik in Hamburg, the Fachhochschule Bielefeld and the University for the Arts in Bremen as well as the Freelens Multimedia Workshops. In September 2013 Uwe H. Martin took up a new appointment as senior lecturer in the Camera Arts program at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – School of Art and Design.

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