A new edition of the Photo Workshop in Moscow (July 27 – August 2, 2015) continues the tradition of training courses organized by YarT Photography and proposes a photographic exploration of Russian capitol toghether with one of the most acclaimed photographers Davide Monteleone.

Moscow is a modern, dynamic and fascinating city. Being a great mix of Soviet era heritage, Orthodox religion and latest ambitious projects, the capital of Russia is the best travel destination for discovering the mysteries of contemporary Russia, with its innumerable faces. Moscow is so fast-paced that people call it “the city that never sleeps”.

We are proud to involve Davide Monteleone as a teacher during this unique photography experience. Monteleone is a talented photojournalist from VII Photo Agency working for years not only in Moscow but all over Russia. Among his well-known projects there are: “Spasibo”, a profound study on Chechen identity,  “Dusha” (“Russian Soul”), a photographic journey through Russia, and “Russian Caucasus“, a long lasting series dedicated to the vast territory torn by national conflicts.

©Davide Monteleone/VII

The Moscow photography experience is organized in a simple way: there are the moments of face-to-face portfolio reviews with Davide Monteleone as well as group discussions. Monteleone will help students identify the good idea for a personal essay, develop their own photographic style, illustrating the entire process of creating a strong photography project.

The particular characteristics of this one-week full immersion workshop is a strong attention to the practical aspects of the profession.

The goal is to learn the process of storytelling with photographs, to develop and preserve the personal vision in the professional work and to produce an elaborate photo essay about the city. Among many aspects of photography that we’ll consider during the workshop there are:

>> Storytelling with Photographs: from concept to a photo essay how to identify a good idea, interesting to editors how to do a research before to start a project, why contact other professional figures like journalists, which are the differences between the commissioned and personal work and many others
>> Photography as Profession: practical tips from portfolio to an agency, gallery, media; contemporary photography market; how to create a good a personal portfolio; presenting yourself to a photo editor / curator / photo agency ect.
We believe that the best way to explore Moscow is with a local guide and the best way to learn photography is a strong teacher and a big challenge!

“Even though I come from the tradition of documentary photography, my goal is not only to inform, but to create images that are the interpretation of an idea. I want the audience of my work to get curious about the subject of my research and to start investigating themselves” – Davide Monteleone

We are extremely happy to be guests of our new partner GARAGE / MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART during the workshop week.

Through an extensive program of exhibitions, events, education, research, and publishing, GARAGE reflects on current developments in Russian and international culture, creating opportunities for public dialogue, as well as the production of new work and ideas in Moscow. At the center of all these activities is the Museum’s collection, which is the first archive in the country related to the development of Russian contemporary art from the 1950s through the present.

Davide Monteleone (b. 1974) started his photographic career in 2000, when he became an editorial photographer in Contrasto. The next year he moved to Moscow as a correspondent. This decision determined his ensuing career. Since 2003, Monteleone has lived between Italy and Russia, pursuing long-term personal projects. He published his first book Dusha, Russian Soul in 2007, followed by La Linea Inesistente, in 2009, Red Thistle in 2012 and Spasibo in 2013. His projects have brought him numerous awards, including various World Press Photo prizes and several grants like “Aftermath” or European Publisher Award, and the Carmignac Prize. In recent years he is carrying out projects for leading international magazines, foundations and cultural institutions, exhibiting and teaching and shooting short films. Since 2011 Davide is a member of VII Photo.
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