Photography workshop in Rome with Francesco Zizola has started today at the 10b Photography Gallery.

The program for today 7 hour lecture was very challenging: Francesco has presented his multimedia projects and a selection of works that make part of his recent publication “An Inadequate Look”.

In particular we have discussed:

- differences between the commissioned and personal photographic work;
- how to identify a good idea for a personal essay and to develop of one’s own photographic style;
- professional photography contests;
- new technologies and photojournalism.

The students have presented their personal projects which Francesco has examined individually suggesting new ideas and approaches. We were very pleasantly surprised by a good level of portfolios, interesting and unusual themes covered and sophisticated visual styles.
The ideas for the next week are various too. Some students have made a preliminary research and have already identified the projects to develop during the week. For those who don’t know Rome well, we have prepared a list of possible subjects to cover. Rome offers a lot of inspiration but it is not easy to find one’s way “photographically” here.  Good luck, guys!

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