“The workshop has been very helpful to me in my photography process. The way Pietro and Simone (TerraProject Photographers) talked about their own projects and their approach to ours was open, honest and constructive. Their positive approach and the fact that they pushed me every day made me grow in my project and in my way of looking to things. The support of Yulia (YarT Photography curator) and her knowledge of the area and the Russian language was extremely helpful as well. I also loved the group and the way people supported each other. I met some wonderful people who became friends. We were living a very intense week together and we were sharing a lot. Coming back home made me feel a bit lost. Absorbing everything I’ve learned through this week and trying to go on with it is a big challenge. But the workshop gave me more confidence in myself as a photographer and a network of good and honest photography friends around me!” - Karen N. (participant of the Saint Petersburg workshop 2013).

“Photo Workshop flew like lightning! The atmosphere of the workshop from the first minute was friendly and comfortable. Was perceptible involvement in the work process of all of the guys in our group, that is incredibly motivated me to work intensively. Each photoshooting found a response from our mentors from TerraProject. Simone and Pietro very gently directed the work on the project in the right direction, while leaving the  scope to express themselves. Also during the workshop, we had the opportunity to learn how to shoot on the Hasselblad camera and listen to a fascinating lecture by photographer Peter Van Agtmael from Magnum. Week of active and interesting work was completed a nice bonus: public presentation of projects in the Center for the Arts “New Holland”. For me, participating in this workshop proved to be very useful not only in terms of creativity, but also in the priority skills organizing efforts in the performance of individual project”, EVGENIYA R. (participant of the Saint Petersburg Photo Workshop 2013 and Rome Photo workshop 2013).

Those were unforgettable days, a strong and exciting experience at the same time! From the educational point of view, it was helpful to understand how to structure a photography project and how to set the final selection of images… the whole stuff was very helpful and careful to the personal needs of participants… amazing teachers: friendly, available and rigorous and severe at the same time, especially  at the daily lectures when the works in progress have been analized. Anyway, if you participate in a workshop, you do it to take up the challenge and only struggling with your weaknesses, you have the opportunity to learn something that will remain. Fantastic group of people I shared this adventure with, not only because of the great time we’ve spend together moments, but also thanks to the motivating comparison between our works and experiences. Hug”,ROBERTA C. (participant of the Saint Petersburg Photo Workshop with TerraProject 2012 and Moscow Photo Workshop with Davide Monteleone 2013).

“I have embarked on this adventure in the early days of my photography experiences, without knowing any of the participants and knowing what to expect. I have chosen a difficult subject to develop from all points of view, that has opened my eyes on a hard reality people try not to see. I’ve met interesting people, I’ve had a confrontation with them was confronted, I’ve learned, I have overcome my personal limits. I’ve had a fortune to be guided by professionals with such humanity and availability that I could never expect. The professionals who have advised us, supported us and listened to. A fantastic group with fantastic teachers. I’ve come back home with new awareness, new friends, and a new part of me I did not know before. Thanks”, – ROBERTA M. (Participant of the Roma Photo workshop with Francesco Zizola 2013).

“Saint Petersburg at the best moment, 20 hours of daylight, impeccable and precise organization, always present. The TerraProject guides you motivating your research and encouraging your own vision. The group was well-balanced; it was a honour to share this week with them. The whole experience was very positive and continues continues thanks to the contacts and prospectives that have been created. I hope to participate in the next editions”, – MATTIA (participant of the Saint Petersburg Photo Workshop with TerraProject 2012).

“For me it was a wonderful experience, an exiting and very educating workshop, taught by a great photographer that I have always admired and finally had luck to meet personally. Zizola has been very involving telling us about his experiences in the field and about what he thinks on ethics of photojournalism. Portfolio reviews were exciting as well.  The day spent with Claudio Palmisano was amazing too, I have discovered a “new world”, and have learned a new way of thinking about post-production. I have always been convinced that they are very few workshops that can really teach something, and this is one of those. I’m only sorry that it has lasted “only” 1 week. :) Thank you very much”, –  GIANLUCA (Participant of the Roma Photo workshop with Francesco Zizola 2013).

“To tell the truth I don’t remember how I came up with a decision to attend the workshop in Saint Petersburg. There was a lot of initial indecision, fear of experiencing the photography world in different and serious way. The fear to grab the camera and look through the viewfinder in a totally new way, especially without knowing what to expect to see on the other side. I am sure, however, the reason why I don’t really remember  are the most various, intense and disparate emotions that I have experienced during ten days in Saint Petersburg with other participants and the TerraProject guys. And only after coming back home and starting my daily routine, I realized how much I’ve learnt and how much this has changed the way I see photography and deal with my projects.  I understood the importance of the work that precedes the photographic shot, the importance to discuss it with others and to make mistakes when you are “on site”I had fun watching the movements of Rocco and Pietro, trying to understand the “secrets” of the work  and to smiling at seeing them in action with the Russian population. The recommendations and advices of Anna and the indispensable assistance of Julia to communicate with the local population were of vital importance. It was tiring, both physically and mentally, but how beautiful it was to come back to the apartment every night excited and ready to work on the photos taken during the day, looking forward to hearing the adventures of other housemates.  All these is so much stronger then the initial hesitation and fear! SPASIBA to all!” - VALENTINA V. (participant of the Saint Petersburg Photo Workshop with TerraProject 2012).

“For me the workshop was exciting and useful. It was not easy though to find a story without knowing the city in such a little time. But it’s still something that forces you to work hard to achieve a result. I find it a good challenge. The lessons with Francesco Zizola were very interesting. Even through simple conversations I have discovered a world. It was very helpful to be present at all the portfolio reviews and discuss the work of all of us. I would spend at least one more day with Claudio Palmisano (very exciting too) because he has given to us a lot of notions and it was not simple to “assimilate” everything in a short time. Very good workshop after all, I am satisfied” – VALENTINO (Participant of the Roma Photo workshop with Francesco Zizola 2013).

“The organization of the workshop was really good and the TerraProject collective seemed to me very cohesive and helpful; absolutely competent. May be the only thing missing was a serious reflection on the post-production of images, but for sure it was because of the whole time spent searching for the sites and subjects to carry out our photography project. The Saint Petersburg Workshop experience is the one that I would love to repeat immediately and I would like to recommend it to all young photographers,” – FRANCESCO (participant of the Saint Petersburg Photo Workshop with TerraProject 2012).

“The photography book workshop was really a good experience and an opportunity to learn, discuss and prove one’s own visual and working approach. Those were two days full of constructive input. We have had a possibility to show our work and to improve our research. The theoretical, technical and editing directions provided by the teachers have helped me to understand better all the process of a book production and how to realize it myself. This is a useful occasion to anyone who lives photography as a passion, an art and a profession. I hope to have a chance to participate in other initiatives like this,” – FRANCESCA B. (participant of the Photography Book Workshop, 2013).

“As far as I’m concerned, the course was useful for several reasons: • I’ve received the opinion on my work from the outside point of view and I’ve learnt to judge my personal work from a distance. •The workshop was short but intense, the right arguments have been discussed. •We have talked about crowdfounding as well and have seen the practical example of how it works. •Printing and layout tips were of fundamental value. Simple tips that make your work look more professional. In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone. It was really worth it! ” – ALESSANDRO (participant of the PhotographyBook Workshop, 2013).

“I have found the photography book workshop really exciting. In the space of a few hours we have discussed such themes as publishing companies, photo editing,  sequence in photography, the InDesign tips for book layout and graphics. The individual portfolio review was very important as soon as the participants have had an opportunity to compare the personal projects and share the ideas. The selection and sequencing process has been done together with the teachers and we’ve learnt to present our photography projects in the way that valorises the work. Those were really intense hours, that have taught us a lot. This workshop is to keep an eye on! ” – FRANCESCA C. (participant of the Photography Book Workshop, 2013).

“I’m satisfied with the workshop and all the topics discussed: the introductory part, the guest photographer’s presentation (Marco Lachi), the collective photo editing (the key part as I see it), the conclusive part on layout and publishing. Sometimes such workshops result very theoretical and abstract, but in this case the course was constructive and useful and has taught how to face the true situations and to solve the concrete problems. I find it very valuable, ” – PETER (participant of the Photography Book Workshop, 2013).

“For me workshop in Moscow with Davide Monteleone was a great experience. Especially from the point of making a project in tough conditions. I think Davide’s intention was to put us in to framework he usually deals with while working on an assignment.  This is not for everyone of course but for me it was really useful. I think successful photographer needs a number of qualities – talent, diligence, ability to deal and communicate with people and open mind which helps to find the right way when things no longer stick to you plan and everything goes into unpredictable direction. If you lack either one other one these qualities you have to be really strong with the others. In my opinion Davide has all of them. I’ve had great and productive time in Moscow while doing a project under his guidance,” – EGOR (participat of  Moscow Photo Workshop with Davide Monteleone 2013).

“Although we only had a week to complete our Moscow project, the workshop helped me being more efficient, recreating the conditions of an assignment,” – ELEONORA (participat of  Moscow Photo Workshop with Davide Monteleone 2013).

“The workshop was really WORKshop – not only or mainly few lectures. We really worked (on something) with a (more or less) clear goal in mind. Of course a week is not enough time to do real project; on the other side it is long enough for good simulation. For me it took few days to synchronize myself with the situation, with the place, with the way and (possible) result which Davide had in his mind and to which he guided me towards,” – MARIJAN (participat of  Moscow Photo Workshop with Davide Monteleone 2013).

“From my point of view both parts of the workshop (the one guided by Francesco Zizola and the other by Claudio Palmisano) were very interesting. Their deep knowledge of the subject has added a major value to the course. I’de spend more time working in the studio and maybe postponing the project realization to a later period: one could have to meet each other a couple of weekends to finish the project. However, it was a very positive experience. Thanks”, – LUCIANO (Participant of the Roma Photo workshop with Francesco Zizola 2013).